山间有点田 杂货铺不赚钱 山间杂货铺

#重庆头条# 这个小山村,地方绝了!这种坐落在山间的小村子,在重庆应该很多吧?

山间有点田 杂货铺不赚钱 山间杂货铺


答:(旁白)?Born of cold and Winter air And mountain rain combining? 寒冷的冬天伴随着山雨生出了她?This icy force both foul and fair?冰雪的力量 危险而又美丽?Cut through the heart, Cold and Clear?凿穿冰封之心 冰冷又剔透?Strike for love And Strike for fear?为了爱 不畏恐惧Anna: Do you want to build a snowman?你想堆雪人吗,Anna: Come on, come on!快来 快来~Anna: Do the magic! Do the magic! 快用魔法~ 快用魔法~Anna: This is amazing!真是太神奇啦~Elsa: Watch this!看这个~Elsa: Anna!安娜!Elsa: No, no…不,不…(安娜因魔法受伤,记忆被抹去,艾尔萨刻意与其保持距离) 三年后(加冕典礼,汉斯与安娜初见)Anna: Hey!嘿~Hans: I’m so sorry. Are you hurt? 我很抱歉 你受伤了吗?Anna: Uh… No, no. I’m okay. 不不 我没事Hans: Are you sure?你确定,Anna: Yeah, I just wasn’t looking where I was going.我刚刚没有看路Anna: But I’m great, actually. 但我没受伤 真的Hans: Oh… Thank goodness. 噢,谢天谢地Hans: Prince Hans of the Southern Isles.我是南方群岛的汉斯王子Anna: Princess Anna of Arendelle. 我是艾伦戴尔的安娜公主Hans: I’d like to formally apologize for我想正式地为我Hans: hitting the Princess of Arendelle with my horse…骑马撞上了艾伦戴尔的公主Hans: And for every moment after. 以及 之后所有的一切而道歉Anna: No! No, no. It’s fine. I’m not that princess.不,不,不,没关系的 我不是“那个”公主Anna: lucky you, it’s just me. 算你走运 撞到的仅仅是我Hans: Just you?仅仅是你,Anna: The bells. The coronation. 铃响了 是加冕礼Anna: I better go. I have togo. I better go. Uh我得走了 我必须走了 我得走了 呃…Hans: Bye!拜!(王子公主相处十分开心,以至于他们决定向艾尔萨女王要求订婚) Anna: Elsa! I mean, Queen.埃尔莎! 我是说 女王Anna: Me again. May I present, 我又来了 请允许我向您介绍Anna: Prince Hans of the Southern Isles.南方群岛的汉斯王子Hans: Your Majesty.陛下Anna: We would like…your blessing…我们希望 您能祝福All: of… our marriage!我们的婚姻Elsa: Marriage…?婚姻,Anna & Hans: Yes!-是的~Elsa: I’m sorry, I’m confused. 不好意思 我有点糊涂Anna: We’ll need a few days to plan the ceremony.我们需要几天的时间来计划婚礼Elsa: Wait. Slow down.等下,慢点Elsa: No one is getting married.没有人将会结婚You can’t marry a man you just met. 你不能嫁给一个你刚认识的人Anna: You Can if it’s true love.如果是真爱的话就可以Elsa: Anna, what do you know about true love?安娜 你知道什么是真爱吗,Anna: More than you. All you know is how to shut people out.反正比你知道得多 你只知道把人关在门外Elsa: You asked for my blessing, but my answer is no.你请求我的祝福 但我的答案是不可以Elsa: Now, Excuse me.现在 不好意思Elsa: The party is over. Close the gates. 派对结束了 把门关上Anna: What? Elsa, no. No, wait!什么, 埃尔莎 不 不 等下~Anna: Elsa, please. Please. I can’t live like this anymore.埃尔莎 求你了 求你了 我不能再这样过下去了Elsa: Then leave.那就离开Anna: What did I ever do to you?我到底哪里得罪你了,Elsa: Enough, Anna.够了 安娜Anna: Why do you shut the world out?! 为什么你要把整个世界关在门外,Anna: What are you so afraid of?你究竟在害怕什么,Elsa: I said, enough!我说,够了~(艾尔莎在重压之下不慎露出魔法,仓皇逃离。)Anna: So I’m the one that needs to go after her.所以我必须去把她追回来Hans: Anna, no. It’s too dangerous. 安娜 别这样 这太危险了Anna: I’ll bring her back, And I’ll make this right.我会带她回来 然后搞定这一切?The Snow glows white on the mountain tonight?今夜的山林已被白雪覆盖?Not a footprint to be seen?杳无人迹?A kingdom of isolation?在这样一个与世隔绝的王国?And it looks like I’m the Queen?我似乎才是女王?The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside? 大风呼啸 就像我心中汹涌的风暴?Couldn’t keep it in, Heaven knows I’ve tried..? 再也无法隐藏 天知道我已经尽力…?Don’t let them in, Don’t let them see?别让他们进来 别让他们看到?Be the good girl you always have to be?做个好女孩 就像从前一样?Conceal, Don’t feel, Don’t let them know?隐藏情感 拒绝感受 不要让他们知道?Well, Now they know?但是 现在他们知道了?Let it go. Let it go?随心而行 随心而行?Can’t hold it back anymore?反正再也无法挽回?Let it go. Let it go?随心而行 随心而行?Turn away and Slam the door?转过身 甩上门? I don’t care?我不在乎? What they’re going to say?任何闲人闲语?Let the storm rage on?任风暴咆哮吧?The cold never bothered me anyway?严寒再也无法侵扰我(安娜和克里斯托弗在山间的杂货店相遇,他们决定一起前往北山寻找艾尔萨)Kristopher: Arendelle. It’s completely frozen.艾伦戴尔 已经被彻底冻住了Anna: But it’ll be fine. Elsa will thaw it.但一切都会好起来的 埃尔莎会解冻它的(二人在宫殿外遇见雪宝。)Anna: Hi! -You’re creepy.你好! -你真吓人Kristopher: I don’t want it. -Back at you.我不要 -还给你Olaf: Please don’t drop me. – Come on, it’s just a head.请别把我丢来丢去 – 别这样,这只是个头而已 Olaf: Hi everyone. I’m Olaf. And I like warm hugs.大家好 我是雪宝 我喜欢温暖的拥抱4Anna: Oh, um… I’m Anna.我是 安娜Anna: Olaf, Did Elsa build you? 雪宝 是埃尔莎把你堆出来的吗,Olaf: Yeah. Why?是的 怎么了,Anna: You know where she is? 你知道她在哪里吗,Olaf: Yeah. Why?是的 怎么了,Anna: Do you think you could show us the way?你能带我们去见她吗,Olaf: Yeah, Why?是的 怎么了,Kristopher: I’ll tell you Why. 我来告诉你怎么了Kristopher: We need Elsa to Bring back Summer.我们需要埃尔莎来带回夏天Anna: Elsa? It’s me, Anna.埃尔莎,是我,安娜Elsa: Anna.安娜Anna: Whoa. Elsa, you look good different.哇 埃尔莎 你变了Anna: And this place…而且这地方…Anna: It’s amazing.太神奇了Elsa: you have to go now Anna. -Elsa, wait.你必须走了安娜 -埃尔莎 等下Elsa: No, I’m just trying to protect you不 我只是想保护你Anna: You don’t have to protect me. I’m not afraid你不需要保护我 我不害怕Anna: ? You don’t have to keep your distance anymore?你没有必要再刻意保持距离了Anna: We can fix this hand in hand?我们能携手度过难关Anna: ?You don’t have to live in fear?你没有必要生活在恐惧之下Anna: ?I will be right here?我就在你身边Elsa: ?Anna, Please go back home??安娜 请回去吧?Elsa: ?Your life awaits?你的人生在等着你Anna: ?Yeah, But… – I know. You mean well?好的,但是… -我知道.你是为我好Elsa: ?Yes, I’m alone. But I’m Free too!?虽然我很孤单 但是我很自由Elsa: ?I get the feeling you don’t know?我的感受你还不了解Anna: Sure you can. I know you can你当然可以 我相信你可以的Elsa: ? Oh, I’m such a fool! I can’t be free!我真是个傻瓜~我自由不了~Anna: ?You don’t have to be afraid你不需要感到害怕Anna: ? We can work this out together我们可以携手解决难题Elsa: ? I can’t control the curse!我控制不了诅咒~Anna: ? We’ll reverse the storm you’ve made 我们可以消除你造的这场风暴Anna: ? Don’t panic别惊慌Elsa: ? There’s so much fear!-太让人害怕了~Anna: ? We can face this thing together我们可以携手面对Elsa: ? No!不Anna: ? And everything will be all right一切都会好起来的Elsa: ? I can’t! ?我做不到~(安娜身受重伤,唯一的治疗方法是得到真爱之吻。克里斯托弗带她赶往阿伦戴尔城堡寻找汉斯)Hans: Anna. You’re so cold. 安娜 你身上冷极了Anna: Hans, you have to kiss me. -What?汉斯 你必须吻我 -什么?Anna: Elsa struck me with her powers.埃尔莎用魔法攻击了我Anna: She froze my heart and only an act of true love can save me.她冻住了我的心 只有一个出自真爱的举动才能拯救我 Anna: A true love’s kiss. 一个真爱之吻Hans: Oh, Anna.安娜Hans: If only there was someone out there who loved you.如果真有那么一个人爱着你就好了Anna: You said you did.你说过你爱我的Hans: Well actually the throne is my love事实上王位才是我的爱。Hans: I, on the other hand,而我 换句话说Hans: am the hero who is going to save Arendelle from destruction.就是将艾伦戴尔从毁灭中拯救出来的英雄Anna: You won’t get away with this. 你不会得逞的Hans: Oh, I already have.噢,我已经得逞了Anna: Please. Please, help…救命 救命(汉斯前往北山找到艾尔萨,露出真面目。)Hans: Elsa!埃尔莎~Hans: you froze her heart.你冻住了她的心Hans: I tried to save her, but it was too late.我试着去救她 但是一切都太迟了Hans: Your sister is dead. Because of you.你的妹妹死了 都是因为你.(突然从背后袭击艾尔萨)Anna: No!不~安娜挡住了汉斯对艾尔萨的偷袭,不幸自己变作冰人。)Elsa: Anna!安娜!Elsa: No!不!Kristopher: Anna!安娜!Elsa: Oh, Anna! No, no! Please, no. 噢 安娜~不要 不要这样~求你了Elsa: You sacrificed yourself for me? 你为我牺牲了自己?(旁白)”An act of true love will thaw a frozen heart.”一个出自真爱的举动可以融化一颗冰封的心Anna: Elsa?埃尔莎?Anna: I knew you could do it.我就知道你可以的Olaf: Hands down, this is the best day of my life.最后我想说 这是我生命中最美好的一天Olaf: And, quite possibly, the last. 很可能也是最后一天Elsa: Oh, Olaf! Hang on, little guy. 雪宝~ 坚持住 小家伙Olaf: My own personal flurry!属于我自己的雪云~Hans: Anna? But she froze your heart. 安娜? 可她已经把你的心冻住了啊Anna: The only frozen heart around here is yours.这里只有你的心是冰冷的(艾尔萨和安娜回到阿伦戴尔,王国重新焕发生机。)Anna: Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on! 快来 快来~Anna: I owe you a sled.我欠你的雪橇Anna: You have to. No returns. No exchanges. Queen’s orders.你必须接受 不得退货 不得讨价还价 这是女王的命令Anna: Do you like it?你喜欢吗,Kristopher: Like it? I love it!喜欢? 我爱它~Elsa: I like the open gates.门开着真好Elsa: We are never closing them again. 我们再也不会把它们关上了(自此,春暖花开,一片勃勃生机。)

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